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Born in Oklahoma City, March 28, 1954. My mother an organist for the Catholic Church caused me to study Cathedral Architecture and Design. My father always worked with plants, and they were both Nature Lovers. My older brother became a well-known Artist in OKC. In my early 20s, he and I did a considerable amount of artistic work in the Paseo Arts District of OKC. My own talents were more towards Design, Geometry, Structure, Craftworks, Stained-glass, Stonework, Masonry, Ceramics, and Sculpture. Built a Creative Play Landscape in 1979 for a Montessori School, and did some hand-carved sign work as well as building a complex geometric (Great Dodecahedron) stained-glass lamp. Lived for a year in a Sikh Ashram and did an entire Creative restaurant Interior and a hand carved sign for their Golden Temple Restaurant. Was vegetarian then, as I tried to be from an early age. Created an etched glass window for the futuristic home of famous heart surgeon Dr. Nazih Zuhdi. Lived in Arkansas Granite Co. for a year designing and building complex/inlaid granite tables for the high-end Furniture Mkt. in Dallas. 

Studied CNC machining and Cad/CAM in 1986; designing a rose window roofed (massive stained-glass) Park Pavilion based on Catenary arch principles (as Antoni Gaudi used). Studied Structural Dynamics on my own, and Golden Ratio Harmonics (Sacred Geometry) with my friend Dr. Patrick Flanagan, author of Pyramid Power. Built a 21ft. high Timberpole 5-sided pyramid for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, along with a cabin from recycled materials in rural Oklahoma.Moved to Portland Oregon in 1989 (had more of the mystical and Out-of-body experiences, as I've periodically had over all of this life). Shared a house with Robin Hur, (mathematical genius published in Math Journals) who did the research behind John Robbins' Diet for a New America.... who also was a consultant for Harvey & Marilyn Diamond (Fit For Life) and Dr. Michael Klapper stayed with us when he gave a lecture to our Vegan Society. We became total Raw Vegan in 1990, and subsequently moved to Albuquerque, where we parted ways when I became Sculptor-in-Residence @ Casas De Suenos B&B in Old Town, ABQ. My work at Casas, which was an Art Colony established in the 30s, before becoming a B&B in the 70s, is extensive. During my 7 year stay there, I built a ceramic-shelled/concrete Garden Temple Pavilion Dome, which is now frequently used for weddings. I created an elaborate geometric arch shade system for Steve and Holly Baer of Zomeworks, as well as a sculptural Entry Gate. The famous artist Moebius (Jean Giraud) visited me and my work during that time at Casas. I also did work for The Adobe Journal, interviewing the likes of Mike Reynolds (Earthships). Additionally at this time worked with Dr. Norman Milanovich (We the Arcturians), acting as Architect for the channeled pyramid design (Kuthumi & El Morya being the actual designers) known as the Templar Project during that time, while I was also doing extensive PastLife Recall work. Moved to my current location in the forested East Mtns. near Albuquerque, 1999.

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