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Organic Geometric Design Approach

I Work in most all architectural /structural/ sculptural materials, including: Stone, glass, acrylic, ceramic, steel, copper, stained-glass, Wood. Using a variety of tools, including Computer-controlled Router (CNC), kiln work (firing), hand sculpting, diamond tool cutting, polishing, casting, hot metal forging/bending, soldering, adhesives, lapidary, crystals (wire-wound, inlay), masonry, sandblasting.  The projects I like to work on can include entire Natural Material (timber frame, stone, cob) Homes.

Services + Specialties offered:

  •    Garden Temple Pavilions

  •     Light Sculptures

  •     Art Domes

  •     Sculptural Garden Gates

  •     Art Nouveau to Modernismo Doors & Windows

  •     Roof Ornaments

  •     Polyhedrons

  •     Landscape sculpture (freestanding rose windows, and many other compositions)

  •     Stone Water Vessels (crystal energizing)

  •     Water Vortexers (gravity or pressure fed)

  •     Sculptural/Structural windowalls for greenhouses, homes, pavilions that inspire connectedness with Spirit and the    

  •    Earth. Intricate Entryway Compositions are a practical way of Expressionism of Spirit of a place

  •    + More.

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